Friday, January 16, 2009

Village Inn Drawing Contest (Jan, 13, 2009)

Kicking it at Vee Eye.

Lauren won the race.

"Joel, the most handsome man at village inn..."

"Dog with feet teeth"

"Dan if he were born in Iran."

"Erie in 20 years"

"Nosferatu Dan, also Aphex Twin"

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Poop Mountain Party: Accordion Comic Drawings (Jan, 4, 2009)

First Ever Poop Mountain Party, oh yes.
(other than the classic Waffle pre-war parties)

How this works: One person draws an image, passes the paper to their left, and then that person captions the image. Then they pass again and the next person draws an image from the caption without being able to see the first image, then passes and it's captioned again, rinse, repeat.

"A hot dog FTW!"

"The one eyed weasel gets his revenge."

"I stole her cat and went on a diet."

"Time is feasting upon me."

"Give me a big hug!"

"an-yer-ism dahwg!"

"a candle dick with heels shoots a skateboarding unicorn."